About us


Our Founders

We are crypto enthusiastic, who believe that crypto currency will shift the power to people, and help change the systems from Top-down, to Bottom-up, and it's only matter of time.There are many crypto currency ecosystems, but Cardano ecosystem it's unique, besides the peer-review approach used to develop the technology, the ambition of Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson, and it's vision in africa to help the developed countries, it's aligned with our vision and believes.

Our Mission


Giving power to people

We aspire to utilize our technological skills in Blockchain to give people a complete control of their money. Blockchain is the futuristic technology. Crypto Catalyst aims at building the decentralized app-based that is super effective in maximizing the control of assets for the owners.

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Our operational mechanism is completely safe. The slot leaders in our Cardano ecosystem are running bare metal servers in Switzerland, relays in different cloud providers. We have a 24/7 supervision on these servers to ensure safe and secure transactions. We have a high availability infrastructure in Switzerland.

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DApp Development

We endeavor to participate in the development of decentralized applications to insulate customers from bank failures.

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Crypto Catalyst is at the forefront of partnering with charity volunteers. We give a considerable percentage of our profits to charity volunteers and also inspire other to become a part of our motive by delegating to our staking pool.